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pride!!!! by errorpancake pride!!!! :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 4 2 ITS PEN!!1!!! by errorpancake ITS PEN!!1!!! :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 9 17 pop by errorpancake pop :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 5 4 OJ by errorpancake OJ :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 6 11 my inanimate insanity ships by errorpancake my inanimate insanity ships :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 7 9 tissue boi by errorpancake tissue boi :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 12 2 you make me sick by errorpancake you make me sick :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 11 2 MePad as a human by errorpancake MePad as a human :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 11 4 he's a fan boy by errorpancake he's a fan boy :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 15 0 tick tock, it's tony by errorpancake tick tock, it's tony :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 4 3 purple by errorpancake purple :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 5 3 Computery Guy by errorpancake Computery Guy :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 4 5 tony is too awesome by errorpancake tony is too awesome :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 4 5 Hello by errorpancake Hello :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 2 3 undrtail oc111!1!11!!1!1!!1! by errorpancake undrtail oc111!1!11!!1!1!!1! :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 3 7 Some person by errorpancake Some person :iconerrorpancake:errorpancake 2 3
its art
not the best art but i guess its ok


Fandom Objects by PinkiesClone Fandom Objects :iconpinkiesclone:PinkiesClone 5 1
Dear Object Show Community
Did you know, that making a girl character say 'like' all the time, isn't an actual female character? 
Did you know, that girls have other personalities besides Valley Girl?
Did you know, that girls are people too? And aren't just 2D characters?
I'm just tired of seeing all female characters say like all the time, that's not how are girls are, Danimator knows how to write girls, ToonMaster, XanyLeaves, me, we all know how to write girls. 
I'm sticking up for our female counterparts, you need to learn that writing a female character is just like writing a male character, you don't have to make them this stereotype.
People are like "Everyone can write guys, just give them different personalities! This one's super nice and strong, this one's quiet and shy" But with girls it's always "This one says like" "This one likes shopping." Like, I get it, the only place most of you see girls is on TV, but not all females are like that. Trust me, I have like almost all girl friends, I know
:iconwebzforevz:webzforevz 5 24
EVENIFITHURTS by parkermilarker EVENIFITHURTS :iconparkermilarker:parkermilarker 38 4 went shopping by pacifidlog went shopping :iconpacifidlog:pacifidlog 58 1 What are you afraid of? by sonicrocks152 What are you afraid of? :iconsonicrocks152:sonicrocks152 1 0 BFDI month day 12: PENISLAND all caps no spaces by Redkitty34 BFDI month day 12: PENISLAND all caps no spaces :iconredkitty34:Redkitty34 26 8 Rainbows by IceMintFreeze Rainbows :iconicemintfreeze:IceMintFreeze 60 28 A Looseleaf with Pride by Ball-of-Sugar A Looseleaf with Pride :iconball-of-sugar:Ball-of-Sugar 27 38 .. P R I D E.. by trashBashboi .. P R I D E.. :icontrashbashboi:trashBashboi 44 13 it's a long way up by hungrughostsx it's a long way up :iconhungrughostsx:hungrughostsx 7 0 Speedcore and Nightcore Mixtape by MoggieDelight Speedcore and Nightcore Mixtape :iconmoggiedelight:MoggieDelight 191 3 jawn by penraser jawn :iconpenraser:penraser 4 0 penraser by TheCloud69 penraser :iconthecloud69:TheCloud69 6 0 4567898765445678765 by Ips666 4567898765445678765 :iconips666:Ips666 66 2 CoolBoys by xX-ArtBloqued-Xx CoolBoys :iconxx-artbloqued-xx:xX-ArtBloqued-Xx 52 45 Idk by xX-ArtBloqued-Xx Idk :iconxx-artbloqued-xx:xX-ArtBloqued-Xx 10 6
these are cool things that i like by cool ppl



i drew a gay pride ish thingy bc rainbows r nice
mmhm love dat gay shit
with background:
ITS PEN!!1!!!
background practice??
sorry most of my upload r object show related lmao
but here's this kinda kidcore-ish pen??
i cant believe my new icon is of pen dying lmao 😂 
i finished watching bfdi this weekend.
bfdi belongs to michael and cary huang (idk their usernames on here tho)
sorry for so much ii stuff lately. i need to to watch more object shows 
so juicy am i right 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

honestly i'm not mad or anything but i kinda need to voice my opinion about the object show community on deviant art. i feel like there aren't enough original art pieces and that it's mostly just people editing the assets into different poses. if you wanna make inanimate insanity art, please actually draw it. i know a lot of my watchers do that, and you guys are still pretty good people. but you should try drawing your own stuff more 

edit: i added a bit more. also i hate how many people in the object show community like weird fetishes like inflation. taylor grodin himself said that he didn't like seeing all this fetish content. keep your vore or whatever private ok?? i mean i don't want like a picture of suitcase being tickled or something to appear in google images. all the good artists in the fandom are being overshadowed by the ones that make fetish porn and just edit the assets.

tl;dr the object show community needs to get their act together
edit 2: grodin autocorrected to growing wtf
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Artist | Digital Art
United States
hi im maddie and i rlly love object shows and stuff
im just some kid who draws random stuff
'You call me GAY' stamp by Playing-it-down Yay For Gay Stamp by tehmandy
Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl dolphins stamp by italy4eva meat over matter (dhmis stamp) by PAPADOLL Always tired... by prosaix F****************k by XxDiaLinnxX
Inanimate Insanity fan stamp by cannotbolt9 uwu stamp by tamrieI Trash (Stamp) by edupes Fan Fan (XD) by Kaptain-Klovers Lightbulb Fan by Kaptain-Klovers Tissues Fan by Kaptain-Klovers Toilet Fan by Kaptain-Klovers MePad Fan by Kaptain-Klovers OJ Fan by Kaptain-Klovers
i love a lot of characters from inanimate insanity don't judge me!!
Tissues (its my condishwan stamp) by TadashiRaiden Fav too much - Stamp by Tadadada bunch of disks by glovannas Asexual by Inkiedo I never finish by Fyi-Sus .Stamp. I'm So Gay by KillMePleaseGod

will add more stamps later


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thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!
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Er... Could you redraw this in your own style? It would be wonderfully appreciated!  Puffs and Tissues AGAIN by GorrionFinchBird9000
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ok i hope i can finish it
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